On this day July 12, 2024

Here is the secret 10% of business that succeed did when starting up.

90% of businesses fail after 5 years of launch; mind you business that doesn’t fail within the first year of launch still has a tendency to fail within the next five years.

Are you scared of having a business that folds up after a lot of effort and money invested.

Are you planning to start a business but don’t know how to go about it?

If yes then this is for you.

Read this to learn the number one secret to starting and scaling a successful business.

The business world can be very adventurous, brutal, rough, competitive and stressful.

As the popular saying goes, knowledge is power

There are systems, rules and strategies that can help you start and scale through the brutal and ever changing world of business.
Am here to show you.

Let me address the case of knowledge here before we get started.
Knowledge is more like a road map; let look at it this way, there’s a man in a thick forest with a destination in this forest and there’s a roadmap to navigating through this thick forest.

The man with a destination in this tick forest neglects the road map and decides to reach his destination on his own.
He’ll certainly get to his destination however it will take longer than usual, it will involve a lot of guess work, he’ll get lost at some points, his journey would be full of uncertainty and time wasting due to negligence to the use of roadmaps.

In reality you’re the man with a destination/mission/vision, the forest is the brutal business world and the roadmap is the strategy/rules & systems that’ll help you scale through the brutal business world.

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Here are the five steps you must follow to start a successful business in 2022

Sell What People Want to Buy: Find a starving crowd and feed them with their needs; most new business owners think about a business idea in their head and jump right straight into it without considering the market demand for their product or service, this is very wrong. What you have to do as a new business owner is sit back, disregard your qualifications, reputation, class, status, idea and think about what people really want to buy but can’t get.
Carry out intensive research and surveys to discover what people really want to buy but can’t get with ease then you come in and make provisions. It referred to as feeding the starving crowd, this put you ahead, you don’t get to compete with any other business owner for the main time because you’re the first, you can monopolize the market for the time being. All you have to do is discover what people really want to buy but can’t get or can’t get with ease and make provision. It works like magic.

Carry Out Survey and Preorder: After discovering a starving crowd, don’t be quick to buy goods or get an office space like other business owners do. You have to test your idea, you really need to confirm if it really works. 
Here’s how you go about it, now you’ve found a starving crowd and you’re about to provide what they need so you can make money, first thing you have to do is get full details of the products/service your starving crowd are craving for, the next step to take is to get social media accounts and website for your business so people can connect with you, the third step is upload the details of these products and set them on pre-order (remember you don’t have the product or offer the service  yet).

Then you need to run ads: this advert would be you reaching out to the starving crowd telling them you’ve made provision for their need. Then be on the watch out for their reactions, engagement, how well they anticipate your product/service and how ready they are to get the product/service. This would determine if the product would be a big hit and get into the business full time or jump out to sort for another wants (market demand).

Capitalize on Your Competitor’s Loopholes: as a new business you are limited to what you can do, that’s why you have to do only things that matters.
You need to find out what’s missing in your competitors business and make the provisions in your own business.
Sometimes your competitor’s loophole might not be a problem but a wish some customers have or an inconvenient, a typical example is ecommerce; if it takes a week for your competitor to deliver a product after payment, you can get into that space and make your delivery policy same day delivery and payment would be after delivery.
It takes one week for your competitor to deliver a product while it takes you 24 hours to deliver same product, you don’t have to be big to achieve this.
This will automatically give you an edge over your competitors and help you make more sales. Its a no brainer.

Create a Unique Selling Preposition For Your Business: Your business needs a unique selling point that distinguish you from every other business in your industry.
Having a selling point aids your marketing.
You can derive your business unique selling preposition by what you discovered when carrying out your competitor’s research and discovering their loopholes. Thereby advertising your competitor’s loophole and how you’ve solve the problem in your own business. 

Devise a Working Marketing Strategy: you need to get your business out of the feast and famine phase to the level of assurance and automation when you don’t get bothered of where your next client/customer is coming from.
Your business can certainly get to the level automation where all you have to do is re-implement your marketing strategy and tons of clients would come knocking at your door.

This might take time and money however it will be worth it when you finally get that one baddass working marketing strategy.
Sadly so many business owners don’t build marketing strategy they operate on hope and lock.  

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Remember hope is not a strategy

Rheme media has been in the marketing space for years and we are still very much active, we’ve built several businesses in several industries for several clients. 
Business development is not an easy task, it can sometimes be boring, frustrating (especially when you don’t get expected results), stressful and lot more. 
We built Lerelancers right to the level of automation making it the first functional service providers website with tons of functionality and quick response. 
We built SoftShoppers an African multi vendor Software market place where every vendor has their dedicated store page, sales page, mode of payment amongst others. It also got to the level of automation and self operation. 
That’s what we do, we take businesses from scratch to level of automation where the founders don’t have to panic about where their client are coming from or the next move of the business. 
We built Fickzit a mobile tech solution company where you book engineers from the comfort of your office, they arrive at your office and fix your gadget right in your presence. 
Amongst others, your business can be the next to get to it level of automation with our proven business start up system. 
We can help you build your ideal business from being an idea into a real business that’s automated, it doesn’t end there, we would help you 10x your income for your already existing business.

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Here’s what you stand to get when we get to work together

  • We would help identify what people want to buy in the business/industry that interests you; this requires critical thinking, our team at Rheme Media helps you with the thinking and research then you give approval.
  •  We are a media house, we know the in and out of social media, we will help you with your audience research, product research, we’ll carry out surveys both free and paid to discover what really works so you don’t fail or lose money to guess work.
  •  Starting a business is not a walk in the park thing; it requires work, research, spending, testing and lot more.
    What if I told you there’s a better way to go about this?
    We have templates, we have resources, and we have the personnel. Would you like to go alone or allow us take full responsibility with our resources and team members?
  • Starting a business can be multi tasking, you need graphics, you need videos for promotions, you need a business website, you need ads expert, you need social media manager and lot more.
    All these are very important to your business and essential to your success. We would provide you with all these and many more.
  • We would provide your business with graphics so people know there’s a business out there with solutions to their problem and graphics for promotional use.
  • Videos help you pass longer message you can’t deliver through one graphical picture, with the emergence of video based social media apps, you need to have your videos out there to keep the publicity going and keep the sales coming. You have nothing to be worried about, we’ll be providing you with video resources for your business.
  • A website is the most important of them all, it a digital world where every business out there has an online presence, not having one for your business could be an hindrance to your business.
    Through your website people can reach out to your business and carryout a lot of activities, making a Google search about your business and not finding your business profile online is a slap on your face in 2022.
    We would provide you with a dedicated business website fully integrated with all necessary functionality as requested by you.
  • Your business is incomplete without marketing and advertising, your business is not meant for you to patronize alone, it made for everyone to patronize you.
    You can reach out to your target audience through advertisements and proper marketing.
    Getting the right ad expert for your business would increase your growth pace regardless of your industry nor your market regulation while on the other hand bad ads can kill your business and make you lose money.

    Social media manager is not compulsory for a start up business, however you need social media account for your business. 

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Here’s how we’ll go about it.

  • We would provide you with all the resources you need to get your business off the ground. 
    Starting a new business isn’t easy and sometimes can be very boring, we know this and we understand how frustrating this can be..

    It no longer news that over 90% of new businesses fail during their first 5 years of launch making the business owners go back to square one which is sad.
    In a brutal and ever changing business world would you like to go alone?
    We can help you get your business off the ground to the level of automation in no time.
  • We would help you build a business system that serves as a road map to achieving specific business goals
  • We would help you come up with a unique, beautiful, responsive, user friendly, SEO friendly website that gives your business a strong online presence helping you increase sales, global access and visibility.
  • Would you like to have a standard and functional marketing strategy you can always use repeatedly to get more clients and make more sales? We would devise a dedicated, proven and functional marketing strategy that brings in tons of new clients to your business.
  • We would help you create irresistible offer clients and prospect can’t resist after first sight.
  • Provision of media files for promotion likes graphics, videos, animation and lot more.
  • Facebook and Google ads are a great way to get new clients. With these platforms you can reach thousands of people with your business offer. Our ads specialist would craft great ads copies, work on your ads placement, strategize and come up with the best ads platform that best works for your business. 
  • We would work with you in building lead magnets that’ll help get new leads, prospects, clients to your business and help you build your mailing list.
  • We would build a functional sales funnel for your business.
  • We would help discover your competitor’s loophole and devise a means to capitalize on it.
  • We would help carry out media surveys both paid and free.
We would provide your business with all these within a significant period of time and a 40% price splash, however that’s not the case, we don’t want your business to fail like every other regular new businesses, we don’t want you to go through the long, boring, brutal business world alone.
We can get things done with our no fail proven business development system.
We would provide you with all the services listed above within a space of one month provided you are ready to work with us, we’ll also give you a standard 4 months support where you get assistant from us anytime any day.

ready to take your business to the level?

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hurry now, free spots almost gone for July 12, 2024

When you jump on this offer today here’s what you’ll get for free from us

  •  You’ll get 3 custom sub domains
  • You get my ebook Business Starter Kit (when it launches)
  • You get a 4 month support
  •  You get 2 free graphics
  •  You get free business consultation from us
  • You get free marketing resources

We know you’re a new business and you’re yet to grow or make any money from your business and we understand the Nigerian economy.

Sadly this offer isn’t available to every businesses, we have a limited number of businesses we can provide with this service.

We can only afford to work with just five clients for the month, 2 slots booked already, you could be among the next 3 businesses that would be going from grass root to the level of automation and huge sums if only you’re ready to take actions now.

This is a long term deal where we get to take your business from grass to the top, it won’t be an easy journey, so many business owners have embarked on this all by themselves and failed. 

Rheme Media is here to make the difference, we have a no fail system. Yes we don’t fail or come short of our promise and if we ever do you’ll get a 100% refund, apologies and you’re allowed to keep and use all the resources given to you by Rheme Media.

Want to learn more? claim your free 30 minutes strategy session​ now. 

hurry now, free spots almost gone for July 12, 2024
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