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Dear business owners,

Before talking about the Rheme Media Story let me show you the two major reasons why new businesses fail and how you can escape being a victim.

It’s quite saddening to see how people invest hard earned fortune and life savings into starting a business only to fail after few months from launch of the business.

90% of businesses fail or folds up after very few years of launch while some businesses doesn’t get to see lime light.

Negligence to Vilfredo Pareto 80/20 rule has lead many businesses especially new start-ups to untimely death and this keeps reoccurring annually according to strategic estimates.

 Vilfredo Pareto first discovered this rule when he found that 80% of a nation’s wealth was controlled by 20% of the population.

As he studied this phenomenon more deeply, he found a disproportionate relationship between cause and effect in other areas of life, including real estate, growing crops, and all sorts of things which are:

20% of the input creates 80% of the result.

20% of the workers produce 80% of the result.

20% of the customers create 80% of the revenue.

 20% of the roads cause 80% of the crashes.

 And on and on…

Just so you know this is the second reason why tons of businesses fail, anyways here’s the number 1 reason many business fails or folds up few months after launch.

Negligence to “want and market demand”, not selling what people want would lead to very little or no sale meaning you won’t make money and when you don’t make money from your business then you simply don’t have a business.

It displeases us when we see businesses fail due to one preventable mistake.

One mistake can bring your business down and leave you with nothing. 

These mistakes are preventable; however so many business builders are ignorant of them because they overlook their relevance.

This displeasure brought about the birth of Rheme Media Digital Agency.

Rheme Media is a prolific digital agency with proven no fail systems to developing businesses that succeeds. 

Our sole aim is building and rebranding business for new business owners from scratch to the level of automation the fun way. 

We’ll build your business and take charge of your marketing till you don’t have to worry about where your next client is coming from.

We are tired of seeing new businesses struggle, we are tired of seeing already existing business go into extinction and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help as many businesses as possible succeed.

There are rules you most follow to starting up a business and negligence to this rules is what makes your business find itself among the 90% of business that fails after few years of launch.

Built in 2021 by two prolific and enthusiastic young entrepreneurs who has built tons of businesses going from:

  • Fashion Network in 2018
  • JokersBlog in 2019
  • My Car Sparkle in 2019
  • OrileBlog in 2020
  • Fickzit Tech Solutions in 2020
  • Fickzit Academy in 2021
  • Lerelancers in 2021
  • Softshoppers Software market place in 2021
  • Rheme Media Digital Agency 2021

and a lot more….

We’ve not always succeeded in all the business we started, the story changed when we learnt about the rules to building business. 

Ever since we’ve gotten hold of these rules we’ve be advancing the strategy, tweaking it and it only gets better.

With the combination of a computer science expert, Enterprise development graduate and digital marketing expert we’ve been limitless.

With broad and versatile experience for over 3 years of activeness and still counting in their area of specialization Rheme Media is the one partner your new business needs to get off the ground.

At Rheme Media we provide you with the rules, strategies and solutions to starting, structuring and rebranding your business.

 This gives you a great hedge and also help you be among the 10% of business that succeeds.

We’ve been in the business development space for years with clients in different countries of the world and we’ve been crushing it till this very moment. 

Would you rather start up and take your business to the next level on your own or have our team start up your new business for you, providing you with all the resources you’ll ever need.

At Rheme Media we offer quite a number of services aimed at taking your business to the next level.

Below is a snippet list of our services

  1. Business development: this is where we help newbie and existing businesses set up their business, convert and develop their ideas and help monetize it with different immutable strategies. We also help skilled freelancers build a business around their skill for maximum profitability as our team works together with your start up to get it up and running the right way.
  2. Web design/development: not having an online presence can negatively affect any business. Every business needs to have an online presence beyond just social media to gain global visibility from the global market. A website makes your business available 24/7 around the clock and accessible to anyone with international network (internet). We also help businesses with existing websites redefine their websites to cause it to be more effective and productive.
  3. Digital Marketing: sales is the bedrock of every business and marketing is the source of every sale. For you to make more money as a business owner you need to make more sales of your products or services. Marketing is what brings in the sales. Our team of direct marketers would develop a marketing strategy that works best for your business with sales funnels that aids the filtration and conversion of prospects to paying clients.
  4. Copy writing: Remember the Poreto 80/20 rule, where 20% activities makes 80% of the result. As a business owner you need to focus on what earns result and copy is part of it especially direct response copies, don’t? were professionals at crafting direct response sales copies. We would take cover and provide great copies for sales, sales letter and mails that engage readers, converts readers and keep prospects reading.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): ranking #1 on Google SERP is similar to being the #1 in your industry. Having a website for your business is not enough, you business needs a site that ranks. We are SEO experts, leave us to handle your SEO and you’ll see the difference.

Our Business Solutions

Web Design

Not having an online presence for your business is equivalent to not having a business.

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Facebook Ads

Let drive quality traffic to your website & sales pages through Facebook & Instagram

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Sale Funnel

For your business to grow to the level of automation & predictable sales you need a funnel.

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Graphics Design

Your business needs graphics and artworks for Instagram posts, announcement, amongst others.

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Your copies represents your brand, determines your post engagement & conversion.

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Sale Funnel

Not having a mailing list for your business would only make you lose money.

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Google Ads

8.5 billion searches are made on Google per day, there’s no better way to get more visibility.

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Instagram Ads

Your target audience are watching reels on Instagram, let covert them to paying clients.

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Business Dev.

You have the idea with have the tools, let connect the dots and make you succeed.

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Want to learn more? claim your free 30 minutes strategy session​ now. 

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